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Gayle M

Gayle M. (IFBB Pro Bodybuilder)

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Team AZBB Coach Ty is integrity. His character and the high standard he demonstrates for his profession and you as a client set him apart from the average trainer. I decided to work with Coach Ty because “better than average” was what I wanted. I wanted a trainer that had the moral fiber, ethical principles and was invested in his work and my personal goals. I wanted to work with someone who would support me and push me to do my very best every time we worked out. I knew from meeting Coach Ty on day one that I would walk away at the end of each workout, feeling satisfied, knowing we both invested 100% and I would achieve the goals we had set for me in the beginning. I had some specific goals in mind that I spoke to Coach Ty about at our first consultation. I wanted to put a little size on my body and maintain the muscle I was working so hard to build and get shredded for my next IFBB Competition.

He put together a meal and supplement plan that kept me in a slight caloric deficit but kept my body from wasting away and it was easy for me to follow. He also changed my meal plan every few weeks to ensure my body would stay in tiptop shape.

My workouts were all challenging, and effective. To maximize my hour long training sessions, often I was working several major muscle groups at once, using high reps and 15-20 reps, this style of training was new to me. It required a different mindset and was more challenging, but changing things up is good.

There were days that were tough and Coach Ty hung in there with me. He encouraged me to push through some challenging moments. Every step of the way I got exactly what I came for. Coach Ty was as dedicated as I was to helping me to achieve my IFBB goals. There are few people that have been such a pleasure to meet and work with. I enjoyed working with Coach Ty, so much I intend to continue and will work with him in the future. *

Tom H

Tom H. (NPC Masters Bodybuilding)

I started body building shortly after college and moving to Houston, Texas. I had always been a fan of the sport but growing up in a small town in Illinois where the closest gym was 60 miles away was not going to help me get going. Once I moved to Houston and started working out I had the opportunity to work out at the same gym as Lee Labrada. As I watched Lee transform his body into what we see today I knew that I wanted to do the same but at the time I had a growing career and children on the way. I did my first amateur contest for a local gym in 1990 and placed second. Even though the contest was not a sanctioned event I had the bug.

With my career taking off and a family to support I knew that one day I would make the journey to become a competitive body builder.

In 2011 with my children grown I decided that now was the time to take my body building to the next level. By that time I was living in the Phoenix area and knew that I would need someone with great expertise to help me achieve my dreams.

After searching for that person, I found Coach Cane in 2012. After we met and we discussed what I needed to do, I immediately knew he was the person to help me achieve my goals. Not only was he able to prepare me for competition, but he also supplied me with a diet and supplements as well as helping me with my posing. In 2012 I did my first NPC show and I was very pleased with the transformation my body had taken under the careful guidance of coach. Under his careful supervision I am now on my way up the ladder in the bodybuilding world. I plan to do more shows in the future, but only under his careful guidance and suggestions. *

Jen H

Jen H. (National Bikini Model)

So, I resorted to trying every fad diet known to man. You name it I've done it...Everything from Weight Watchers...to HCG... to the Cabbage Soup diet... (that's alot of diets!). Every single attempt miserably failed. If I had lost any weight, it came right back on in no time. When I started training and following the personalized meal plan Coach wrote for me, my body began to change faster and in a whole new way than ever before. And guess what? I GOT TO EAT! AAAAAAAALOT! I did not believe I could ever get into rockin' shape eating the way he had me eat. Before I knew it, 10 weeks had flown by and I found myself standing under bright lights in the middle of a stage....in a turquoise bikini....holding my 2nd place trophy at my very first fitness competition (bikini division). Words cannot describe the mix of emotions that I felt. Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps! After the show, my husband said "Who would have ever thought that my pizza eatin', pasta lovin, chocolate obsessed wife would not only compete in a fitness show, but take home a trophy!?!". I would have NEVER been able to do it without Coach. He is more than a trainer, he is a coach. He was the only one who truly believed in me and saw the potential in me that I did not see in myself. I have had trainers in the past and NOT ONE of them even come close to possessing the knowledge and talent that Coach has. He truly has a God given gift. Did I have some bad days along the way? Of course everybody does, but instead of making me feel even worse, Coach was/is ALWAYS there to pick me back up. If you want to get into the best shape of your life physically, mentally, and emotionally, you have come to the right place.

With that said...you know what I think about diets now? Lets put it this way...What are the first 3 letters of the word 'diet'? D-I-E...DIE!!! Getting healthy is not something that starts and ends. It is a lifestyle! All you need is the education! For me, this was more than getting into shape. This was conquering that evil voice in my head telling me I could never do it. Growing up, many goals I wanted to accomplish were never achieved because of THAT voice...I would quit before I'de even get started because I would tell myself- "Why even try? You'll never be good enough anyways. Save yourself the embarassment". I played softball for years and when try outs finally came, guess what I did? Didn't show up. All year of practice down the drain. I preferred to not even try rather than try and be embarrassed if I didn't make the team. Even if I ended up not making the team, at least I wouldn't be left wondering 'what if?' for the rest of my life! Don't let 'THAT VOICE', ANYONE, or ANYTHING keep your from achieving your dreams!

I will be forever grateful for you Coach. Thank you for believing in me! It was truly a blessing when I started training with Coach in June of 2009. *

Wendy H

Wendy H. (National Figure Model)

My first figure competition was in July of 2009, so there was limited time to prepare with Coach. Although I was excited for my first show, I was also nervous. Fortunately, Coach was there to guide me every step of the way. This included the workouts, posing, diet, and everything else that is required to prepare for a show. When I went on stage for the first time, I looked better than I ever have! Coach was there from the pre-judging through the night show supporting me the entire day! I received many compliments from my friends, families, and strangers.

After my first show, I felt a confidence I haven’t felt in my entire life! I never thought I could have the courage to be a figure competitor, and quite frankly, my family and friends had their doubts as well! Fortunately, Coach had faith in me and helped me to have faith in myself. Coach genuinely cares about the progress of his clients and helping us reach our goals.

My second show, in March of 2010, was even more successful! Coach knew how my body would react to the diet he put me on, and I looked even better the second time around! I took home two trophies that night and felt more motivated than ever. Coach helped me reach my goal of getting top 5 in both categories I competed in. My highest place was 3rd in open, which qualified me for nationals.

The transformation that Coach Ty made with my body after only training with him for nine months was absolutely incredible! He has a unique style of dieting and training that is highly effective when followed.

Coach has pushed me to be my best as an athlete and as a person. I never could have achieved what I have so far without his knowledge, patience, and guidance. I look forward to continuing to train with Coach for my next national show. He has been a great support and motivator!

Coach, thanks for all you have done for me! *

Nikki P

Nikki P. (NPC National Physique Athlete)

Coach Ty Online Prep helped me win the Southern States Championships Overall. He brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and experience to the workouts. I am consistently and constantly challenged by new exercises. The variety of exercise and the balanced approach Coach created has helped me in finding new ways to challenge myself. I am amazed at the time and care he puts in to ensure I do things correctly and get the most value from your prep. His AZ Bodybuilding Prep is producing Winners and that is what I was looking for. I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Ty for all he has done for me. He brings energy, professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm! Coach has created exercises and diets for me from a distance. I lost 30lbs by training with him online and hoping to win my IFBB Pro Card soon. Coach is very easy to work with because he makes you feel special and not just another client he is working with online in another state or city. He is a great nutritionist and trainer…. Strongly recommended if you are looking for a contest prep coach!!! *

Heather F

Heather F. (NPC National Bikini Online Contest Prep)

I have been using Coach Cane's Online Contest Prep for the past two years and have had amazing winning results. It is a very easy to follow plan with more than enough food...I never felt hungry!!! The plan gives you a wide variety of food to choose from so I don't feel deprived.

Coach Cane is very helpful any time I have questions. If you are looking for a life style change to your contest prep and get lasting results look no further than the AZ BODYBUILDING CONTEST PREP. *

Jeremy M

Jeremy M. (NPC Light Heavyweight Bodybuilder)

Coach Ty Cane is more than just a trainer or nutritionist. He gets involved with your life to help you in any aspect he can. He does not do it because its his job, but because he cares for everyone he is involved with and gives only the best of his capabilities to bring out the best of people. He changed me from being a young kid with big dreams into a man achieving his goals. I would not be where I am today without the help and guidance of Coach Ty. He has not only taught me nutrition and how valuable every nutrient is, but how to train to get certain results. The first five months of training with Coach over two years ago, I gained 35lbs and he got me in shape for my NPC bodybuilding competition which i took first place in my class. That was only the beginning of a life time friendship with Coach and myself will have. That was the beginning of a new life in health and fitness that I will continue to pursue. He will continue to bring out the best in me and push me to my absolute breaking point and build me back up to be a stronger competitor and person as a whole. *

Stephanie B

Stephanie B. (NPC National Bikini Model)

I have always considered myself a athlete and person that is in great physical shape. That picture of myself changed once I met Coach Ty Cane. From the very first training session I knew that I was on my way to a physical transformation. Not only because of the new and different techniques of how to workout, but as well as his wealth of knowledge about nutrition that truly made my transformation complete. Coach gives each of his clients individualized and personalized attention. He truly wants the best for his clients. I believe that is what sets him apart from other trainers, he cares about getting the results you want to achieve. By the way with his contest prep guidance I place top 5 in two categories in my first ever Bikini Competition. Highly Recommended!! *

Jessica S

Jessica S. (NPC National Figure Model)

I am so grateful for the day I met my Coach, Coach Ty Cane at Team AZBB. I came to Ty with the goal of competing in NPC Figure competition, & with Coach help I stepped on stage with the absolute best physique of my life after only five months of preparation! I have seen more results & changes in my physique in the few months I've been working with Coach than years of training on my own.

Coach Cane has shared with me his unbelievable knowledge of nutrition & I am in constant awe of his ability to change & shape my body from strictly diet alone. Add to this Coach vast wisdom of training & I found myself feeling happier & healthier than I ever have.

Coach & the members of Team AZBB were with me every step to my first competition & I truly felt like I had not just a support system, but a tight knit family standing behind me. We shared a few tears, TONS of laughter, & definitely buckets of sweat along the way!!!

Coach motivated me to dig deep within & find the strength to be my personal best each & every workout. He has taught me so many life lessons both inside the gym & outside. I am so thankful for my Coach Team AZBB Family & most of all the team's guide & coach, Coach. It would not have been possible without Coach unwavering support throughout the journey.

It's only the beginning!!! THANK YOU COACH!!!! *

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